Since 1929

Growing stronger together and building a successful future

Paris, France

Notre-Dame International High School

French and American Culture

Enjoy a bicultural environment while you study in an American High School on a French campus.

US High School Diploma with AP Classes

Get an edge with our AP classes and apply to the best Colleges and Universities worldwide.

Easy Access from Paris

Located near a train station making it simple for Paris families to commute.

Why choose NDIHS ?

Authentic Community

Finding your way during high school years is not always easy, even more if you moved to live in France and have a different culture and language. New culture, new language, new school, new environment, new friends. 

At Notre-Dame International High School we are aware of these challenges. We have created a favorable environment so that our students can acclimatize, grow, develop their abilities, make long-lasting friends and take part of a community. 

Even if you join a larger community of about 3000 students on our campus, our classes are small to keep a family dimension and give outstanding individual attention. 

Everything is done with the community here: the students live and study together. The returning students guide their new classmates. Teachers help students to grow beyond the classroom and supervise students’ clubs and projects.

Plan a Successful Future

Enrolling in the best universities, shaping your professional plans… everything starts here. We set the academic bar high to enable our students to have a bright future.

Our blend of exceptional and caring teachers, AP classes and high academic standards create the best study environment to succeed and acess world-class universities.

We provide French classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as enrichment classes taught in French by French teachers.

Travel to France to meet your new classmates coming from all over the world and improve your French language skills while you upgrade your academic profile.

Boarding School

Fulfill your school experience by living in an authentic Castle of the 16th century full of History and build an international network of Friends all over the Globe.

Our students may join the Boarding House on Weekdays only (Monday-Friday) or full time (Weekends included). Our Weekend Programming includes excursion to Paris to explore the City and its rich Culture and Monuments, participation in local events of interest and taste of French and International Cuisine.

Every evening, enjoy the French and International cuisine of our chef with seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The Boarding House is surrounded by 1400 Ares of land, encouraging sport activities or long promenades in safe and caring places far from the suburbs and hectic Parisian life.

French Cultural Immersion

France is proud of its heritage and celebrates its history that goes back over a thousand years, with majestic architecture and beautiful monuments sprawling across the country.

Take advantage of your studies in Paris to visit one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

The perfect location of Notre-Dame International High School allows free time in Paris on weekends while enjoying the safe and healthy life in a residential town surrounding by natural landscapes.

Explore the City of Lights and discover the French culture through Food, Fashion, Art and Architecture.

And much more !


I do not live in Paris: could my child still attend your school ?

We arrange a suitable accommodation for students whose parents do not
live in France or too far away from school for daily commuting;
 accommodation may be provided on weekdays only at the Boarding House or
full time (7 days a week) either at the Boarding House or in a French
host family. 

Which are the services offered at the boarding school?

We take care of your child from A to Z: French visa support, pre-arrival guidance, airport pick up and transfers, boarding life supervision and monitoring, study time follow up, healthy food, health services, insurance services, coordination of leisure activities, laundry and much more!

I want to enroll my child (15 years old), I want to know what the costs would be ?

If you need us to take care of accommodation and meals while your child studies at Notre-Dame in 10th grade, our fees of 24 400 euros cover tuition and weekly boarding with full board.

Which diploma is my child prepared to?

Our Program prepares your child to complete a challenging American High School curriculum leading to the US High School diploma. On top of its mainstream subjects, the school offers international students to attend attractive AP classes, thus allowing them to successfully apply to American Universities and Colleges. 

When they're rooted in a NDIHS education, students are ready to take on any challenge

My daughter had the opportunity to go for one semester to Notre-Dame. By far, one of the best experiences for her and all our family. We made new friends, who became family. I definitely recommend this experience for any student who wants to experience a unique time in Europe.

Georgina M. (mother)

I attended during the first year of the school. It was my first opportunity leaving the US and I had such an amazing experience with the close-knit professors and I am friends with my international classmates to this day ! A quintessential French town near Paris surrounds you and you will feel nostalgic the minute you leave.

Geena-Louise B. (student)

Thank you to all of you, we are so happy to knowing NACEL and Notre-Dame International High School, we felt really appreciated for everything which being well organized for us. The best!

Jenny Y. (mother)

We are thankful that she had this opportunity and are very happy to see her growth. We will plan for Raquel’s younger sister to attend NDIHS in a couple of years.

Raquel R.

After more than six months I know that my feeling was right and this experience will be with me, unforgettable. I have been in boarding schools before, but only here I really understood how small this world is. How close we are to each other. What a family we are here. When I’m back at my country I even talk with my friends about this school using a word Home! As it is. This boarding school is my life now.

Elizabete A.

What makes Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux Special since 1929 :

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